What is DACUM?

DACUM = Developing A CurriculUM

Benefits of the DACUM training

A DACUM is a method of occupational (or task) analysis. Many community colleges use the DACUM process to ensure that the content of their professional technical education programs is current and meeting the needs of industry.

Led by a trained facilitator, expert workers in an occupation come together in a two-day workshop to provide input on the specific tasks, knowledge, and skills required to perform their job. During the workshop, the expert workers develop a DACUM chart as a graphical representation of their input. The DACUM chart can then be used by educators, curriculum developers, and their advisory committees to:

  • Identify instructional needs.
  • Plan an instructional program
  • Design and develop curriculum.
  • Design and develop instructional materials.
  • Create performance standards

View the DACUM Chart completed for Green River’s GIS program.

DACUM Facilitators are highly skilled and must complete an intensive, week-long training before they can be certified. The Center of Excellence for Careers in Education, in collaboration with The Ohio State University DACUM team, has certified 35 facilitators since 2005.

List of Certified Facilitators:

  • Jaime Clarke, Agriculture Center of Excellence
  • Bob Embrey, Green River Community College
  • Mellisa Helmenstine, Everett Community College
  • Lindsey Mahan, Walla Walla Community College
  • Katherine Thompson, Amazon.com
  • Stephanie Thompson, Olympic College
  • Janice Walker, Whatcom Community College
  • Lynell Amundson, Lower Columbia College, Program Manager, Business and Service
  • Steven Ellis, Clover Park Technical College, Dean Division III
  • Krista Fox, Green River Community College, Asst. Dean, Prof/Tech Workforce Ed.
  • David McIntosh, Shoreline Community College, Program Coordinator, WorkFirst
  • Rebecca Rhodes, Green River Community College, Asst. Dean, Prof/Tech Workforce Ed.
  • Erik Karl Tingelstad, Green River Community College, Director, Center of Excellence Careers in Ed.
  • Nancy Warren, Highline Community College, Coordinator, Hotel and Hospitality Management
  • Cindy Wyman, Olympic College, Director, Program Development and Outreach
  • Bruce Alexander, Skagit Valley College, Director, Workforce Education
  • Jo Ann Baria, Pierce College, Dean, Workforce Education
  • John Bonner, Shoreline Community College, Asst. Director, Center for Business & Continuing Education
  • Dave Bren, Bellingham Technical College, Faculty, Civil Engineering
  • Debi Griggs, Bellevue College, Faculty, Business Technology
  • George Lanegraff, Renton Technical College, Director, Business Development
  • Richard Larson, Big Bend Community College, Dean
  • Tammy Larson, Big Bend Community College, Faculty
  • Theresa MacLennan, Olympic College, Coordinator Worker Retraining
  • John McKee, Clark College, Dean
  • Paul Mueller, Green River Community College, Educational Planner
  • Su Nelson, Green River Community College, Director, of Program Development
  • Mary Shannon, Big Bend Community College, Career Counselor
  • Satpal Sidhu, Bellingham Technical College, Dean
  • Kurt Simmons, North Seattle Community College, Internship Coordinator
  • Maggie Stuart, Lower Columbia College, Manager, Transitional Studies
  • Karen Traversie, Edmonds Community College, Coordinator, Tech-Prep
  • Margaret Turcott, Bellevue College, Faculty, Business Division
  • Norma Whitacre, Bellevue College, Dean, Office of Instruction
  • Therese Williams, Bellingham Technical College, Program Coordinator, Business, Health and Nursing