Advanced Boot Camp

For those students who have completed the Basic Boot Camp course, we would highly recommend this additional Professional Development opportunity!

Prerequisite(s): PTED 100 Boot Camp

This course is a continuation of professional development for professional-technical faculty who have limited or no teaching experience. In a one-week, intensive, hands-on format, essential elements of developing and implementing active learning strategies and techniques, writing outcomes and assessment, writing student assessments, teaching and leading diverse students, and using new instructional technologies* will be introduced and modeled by a team of experienced instructors/facilitators. The emphasis will be on practical and real life applications that newer instructors will need to be successful.

  • Washington State Skills Standard for Professional-Technical Instructors and Industry Trainers
    • A Manage Learning Environments
    • B Develop Outcomes, Assessment, and Curricula
    • C Develop and Review New Programs
    • D Provide Student Instruction
    • I Learn and Adapt New Technologies

Advanced Boot Camp is currently being organized by Olympic College. Please go to the Olympic College website for more information regarding upcoming Advanced Boot Camps.

Produced with Carl D. Perkins funds